Wednesday, 25 March 2015

8-Bit Girl's First Time on Twitch!

So Tuesday night I recorded my first ever Twitch plays with my friend Jason, aka MrTiredHippo on Twitch. As a lot of my friends know I am a bit of a wuss when it comes to horror films and games, he threw me in at the deep end and started off with some unsettling games; Outlast and Silent Hill's PT demo. 

Check out both recorded games below. I hope you enjoy seeing me jump, especially to the PT demo! I shall be doing more in the near future. 

We didn't play this one for long, as we suddenly figured the PT demo will bother me more. And everyone seems to like seeing me jump and act like a fool!

Silent Hills PT

Watch out for the moments where both of us completely jump at the ghostly encounters. I was incredibly on edge throughout this. Silent Hill has always really got under my skin! You can see our first proper jumpy moment at a mere 2 mins, 52 seconds in. 

Follow Jason and myself on Twitter for more updates on any of our Twitch plays (together or separately).

What would you like to see me play next? 
Let me know in the comments!

Monday, 23 March 2015

Music Monday: Sonic Spinball- Toxic Caves

8-Bit Girl hasn't had a Music Monday post for quite some time, so I have decided to bring it back!

Today's track is the Toxic Caves theme from Sonic Spinball. I recently played this with my friend Brad, who lent me his Sega Megadrive Collection on the Xbox 360 so I could get my retro Sonic on. This song is catchy!

Friday, 20 March 2015

I Picked Up Two New Games Today...

Club Nintendo closes in a few months, and it seems that finally, they have started adding some games to their Stars Catalogue. About time too! Whilst I have got a few goodies from there that I have been pleased with (my most recent being the Mario Kart 8 vehicles t-shirt, that you can see below), I always preferred the idea of a freebie game over a little bit of merchandise. 

A little big on me, but works well as a cosy PJ top!
Club Nintendo: The Rise, and Fall...and Rise Again

For the most part, Club Nintendo has its ups and downs. The occasional statue was available (although it took an age to even get close to the amount of points needed!), but the cleaning cloths, desktop wallpapers and stylus' didn't really cut it, at least for me anyway... 

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Happy Mario Day!

Today is Mario Day, a day set up to celebrate a character who is undoubtedly Nintendo's most familiar one.
Appearing in an impressive roster of games, Mario continues to go from strength to strength, taking with him a loyal fanbase, whilst adding to it, from game to game. With more Mario titles due this year, it looks like yet another great year for the moustached plumber.

I shared some of my favourite aspects of Mario games over on Geek Mash today, including my favourite game, song, character and boss battle, among others. 

Feel free to give it a read here:

Happy Mario Day, all! How are you spending it? Let me know in the comments, or over on my Twitter and Facebook

Sunday, 8 March 2015

8-Bit Girl Joins Geek Mash!

You may have noticed that posts on here have become a little sporadic as of late. 

Whilst recent life changes (a breakup, move into my flat, for example), may be part of the cause of this, behind the scenes, me and my friends have been cooking up a brand new blog that we are now pleased to unveil and collaborate on...

International Women's Day

It is International Women's Day today, an event that celebrates women's achievements, whilst also focusing on equality and other issues. 

As a gaming blog, it may not really suit the theme here to tackle equality/feminism and other female-related issues, so instead, I have chosen to celebrate my favourite female game character, Lara Croft

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Super Mario Busters!

I love a good mash-up, especially when the two subject matters being combined are two of my favourite things.

In this short from youtuber James Farr, Super Mario crosses over with 80's classic Ghostbusters. Give the video a watch below, and see if you can spot the references to Ghostbusters throughout. I especially like Spengler-Luigi!

James has since followed this with the sequel, that you can also view below.

View more of James' videos on his YouTube Channel

What's your favourite out of the two? Post your comments below!
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