About Me

About Me

Hi, I'm 8-Bit Girl, a 27 year old gamer also known as Kayleigh. I'm a serial Tweeter (hit me up on Twitter, if you wish!) and Freelance Blogger. In my space time I am updating 8-Bit Girl and Geek Mash, along with gaming, watching films and TV series, reading, playing guitar and dancing. I've written for various online publications, such as The Sun's gaming section, Apple Service Centre, The Search Agency, The Nerd Machine, What Culture, MCM Buzz, once on Official Nintendo Magazine's website, among others.

Posts on 8-Bit Girl will be a little sporadic, as most of my blogging energy is devoted to Geek Mash and all of my freelance work as of late, but I update when I can!

Available for 
Freelance/Copywriting/Writing Work
I'm willing to write for your site/publication for a fee! I have a diploma in Freelance Journalism, BA History with Film Studies degree, and am trained in SEO Copywriting, as well as 8 years experience in blogging, covering press events and freelancing for various companies and publications.

Visit my Portfolio sites on Facebook and Blogger.

Please email me at kayleighjpowis@gmail.com if you are interested in working with me. Thank you! 

My Links

Xbox gamertag: x8BitGirlx
PSN ID: Miss_8-Bit_Girl
Twitter: The blog's Twitter is @8_BitGirl 
Facebook: "Like" 8-Bit Girl!
Tumblr: I scour the internet for some great posts here 8-Bit Girl

Geek Mash
Blog: http://www.geekmash.co.uk
Twitter: @GeekMash
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/geekmash

8-Bit Girl: July 2011-Present.
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